Li Po


Cool fields
the thin rain

spring in every direction

blue pond
swarms with fish

thrushes sing
in the green branches

flowers look tear-streaked

grass in high meadows
bends level

through the bamboo
in the still stream
you can see
the last shreds of cloud
in the dawn wind

Translated by David Young

Eastern Pacific Remains Calm
A tropical wave and a few areas of thunderstorms continue to work westward along the Intertropical Convergence Zone over the open waters of the Eastern Pacific Monday morning EDT, but there are no organized tropical systems to speak of.
Thunderstorms south of Central America continue to fire along a tropical wave that is primarily in the Caribbean Sea along 82 west. These thunderstorms have been quite heavy at times. This wave was moving westward away from Central America. No tropical development is expected at this time.
A tropical wave is positioned along 97 west, north of 6 north, moving westward at about 10-15 knots along the Intertropical Convergence Zone. A few showers are associated with this wave, but no development is expected during the next day or two.

Physical therapy today....pelvic muscles....testicular pain. And more non-skid of course.

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