Disturbed Weather is Brewing South of Acapulco
The eastern Pacific tropical basin remains void of any organized tropical systems. An area of thunderstorms about 260 miles south of Acapulco, Mexico, is moving west. This system could slowly evolve into an organized tropical system early next week. However, no other development areas are expected across the eastern Pacific Basin.
Tropical waves are located along 84 west and 112 west. Both waves extend from roughly 5 north to about 15 to 20 north. Both waves are moving west at about 7 degrees longitude per day and show no signs of organized features.
In between these tropical waves we have an area of lower pressure with a small thunderstorm complex near 13 north, 102 west. This area of disturbed weather shows some cyclonic motion in some satellite derived products. This suggests there is a low or midlevel feature. If this system continues to wind up we might have an organized tropical feature in a couple of days, perhaps by the end of the weekend. The steering flow across this area should carry this feature on a west or west-northwest course. This should keep the system away from any land mass through the weekend.
SV TATOOSH POSITION 45* 44.044' N by 122* 51.695' W
Today...off to oyster farm....S. WA

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