Installation. Pacific & Hyde, San Francisco. Tom Chapman. 1982
SV TATOOSH POSITION 45* 44.044' N by 122* 51.695' W
Eastern Pacific Remains Quiet
The eastern Pacific tropical basin remains quiet. We see no organized tropical features at this time and no features are expected to develop anytime soon.
A tropical wave located near 101 west longitude extends north from about 5 north into southern Mexico. The overall structure of the wave remains quite disorganized as it moves west at about 6 degrees longitude per day. We see no lower or upper-level rotation in the clouds at this time. The feature will move into an area of less shear in a few days and this could allow the system to become better organized. However, any potential organization will take place well away from any landmass and not for at least a few days.
Today....too much heat. I dunno.....

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