N.P. Thompson Intricacies 2009

Carlos Strengthening; Possibly Another Storm Brewing
Carlos regained hurricane strength overnight, and the storm is continuing to strengthen today. As of 8 a.m. PDT, Hurricane Carlos was centered near 10.0 north and 127.5 west, or about 1,465 miles southwest of the southern tip of Baja California. Carlos has maximum sustained winds of 90 mph with higher gusts. The storm is moving west at 7 mph and is expected to stay on a westerly course through at least Wednesday.http://hurricane.accuweather.com/hurricane/basin-story.asp?partner=netweather&traveler=0&basin=epacific

I used to be fairly poor, as poor goes;
Today I hit the bottom of poverty and cold.
Nothing I do seems to come out right;
Wherever I go I get pushed around.
I walk the muddy road and my footsteps falter;
I sit with the other villagers and my stomach
aches with hunger.
Since I lost the brindle cat,
The rats come right up and peer into the pot.
Translated by Burton Watson

SV TATOOSH POSITION 45* 44.044' N by 122* 51.695' W

Today...non-skid continued.

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