New Creatures in an Age of Extinctions Since the last summary of the world’s mammals was published in 2005, tallying the roughly 5,400 mammalian species then known, Dr. Helgen said, an astounding 400 or so new species have been added to the list. “Most people don’t realize this,” he said, “but we are smack-dab in the middle of the age of discovery for mammals.”

East Pacific Remains Tranquil
Last Update: 27-JUL-2009 08:24am EDT
The East Pacific tropical basin remains mostly tranquil on Monday due to the lack of organized clusters of thunderstorms. Upper-level winds are also unfavorable over western portions.
We are watching a couple of tropical waves, the first of which is located near 96 west, south of 20 north. This wave has recently shown an explosion of thunderstorms, although no organized circulation center has yet been detected. It could slowly develop as it moves west and northwest across warm waters with relatively low wind shear the next few days.
Other tropical waves are located near 105 west and 120 west, both mainly south of 15 north. Both waves have limited convection and remain disorganized at this time.
No development is expected in the Eastern Pacific basin for the next day or two.

SV TATOOSH POSITION 45* 44.044' N by 122* 51.695' W
Right now...fingers poised over keyboard. Fruit and yogurt putting pressure on lower bowells. Hot @ 1000ft in Warren, OR.

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